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Assistance Services

Industry: Assistance Services

Challenge: The need for digital transformation to compete with new startups by offering 24/7 services and a superior user experience.

Solution: We developed a cross-platform app that provides constant access to services. This new system integrates clients and providers, displaying real-time geolocated provider availability, thus enhancing the user experience and addressing previous issues.

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet


Industry: Veterinary Startup

Challenge: Turning a business concept into a tangible reality.

Solution: We successfully developed a comprehensive Veterinary Telemedicine App, offering a robust platform for video consultations between veterinarians and pet owners. This innovative solution delivers timely and dependable health care advice, featuring secure messaging, appointment scheduling, and a digital health records system.

Using Mobile Phone

Digital ID and OTP (One-Time Password) Token App

Industry: Public Sector & Healthcare.

Challenge: The rising cyber threats expose the vulnerabilities of traditional authentication methods.

Solution: We built a Digital ID and OTP app, ensuring authorized access to sensitive data and bolstering security in user transactions.

Working on Rooftop

during the covid-19  lockdown 

Industry: Big Four Consulting Firms

Challenge: The 2020 pandemic required an urgent shift to online training for our client, a Big Four member.

Solution: We designed and developed a comprehensive platform, including a robust Learning Management System with efficient tracking of user activities.

Man on Laptop

Self Service Portal 

Industry: Insurance.

Challenge: The client needed to replace a non-functional enterprise application, for which the source code was unavailable, aiming to overcome vendor lock-in.

Solution: We created a new APP from scratch, along with its self-service web portal, equipped with information and resources to meet user needs. This intuitive platform allows customers to perform tasks such as paying bills, filing claims, and scheduling appointments conveniently, enabling the client to regain control of their operations.



Industry: Pharmaceutical

Challenge: The outdated paper prescription system was inefficient, prone to errors and loss of prescriptions, and data collection was costly.

Solution: We were hired to design and develop mobile applications and web platforms for electronic prescriptions, promoting seamless communication between doctors, pharmacists, and patients.

Data on a Touch Pad

from scratch 

Industry: Mutual Insurance & InsurTech​

Challenge: After numerous failed attempts at implementing ERP systems, a leading mutual insurance company decided to develop an industry-specific ERP to gain full control over their financial operations and regulatory compliance.


Solution: We developed an industry-specific ERP tailored to its regulatory environment, compatible with various banking platforms. Following a successful project, the company even launched a subsidiary to offer this platform to the entire industry.

Diseño sin título (4)_edited.jpg


Industry: Banking Customer Support.

Challenge: The client was burdened by manual processes, compliance risks, and inconsistent customer data.

Solution: We implemented a Customer Data Integration (CDI) solution that offers a comprehensive, consistent, and accurate view of customer relationships. Thanks to a new data architecture and integration services, the time to onboard a new customer data source was reduced from three months to just three days.

Land Mining

Digital  Transformation 

Industry: Mining Explosives

Challenge: The main challenge was breaking away from conservatism in the mining sector by transitioning from paper-based processes to digital workflows.

Solution: We provided Design Thinking services to optimize and automate operations. By adopting digital tools and implementing best practices in data management, we significantly increased workflow efficiency and the company's financial control.

Shopping Online

Online Banking

Industry: Banking

Challenge: The bank aimed to boost Latin American businesses and society with accessible financial services. They needed assistance to launch a web portal, modernize their banking platform, innovate, and enhance user experience.

Solution: We built an advanced banking web platform, removing technological barriers and providing the connectivity users desire.

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