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Assistance Services

Industry: Assistance Services

Challenge: Compete with startups via digital transformation; offer customers 24/7 service tracking and an exceptional app experience.

Solution: Created a cross-platform app for 24/7 service access. The system matches customers with suitable service providers and offers real-time service status, improving user experience and control.

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet


Industry: Veterinary Startup

Challenge: The main obstacle was to turn a business concept into a tangible reality.

Solution: We successfully developed a comprehensive Veterinary Telemedicine App, offering a robust platform for video consultations between veterinarians and pet owners. This innovative solution delivers timely and dependable health care advice, featuring secure messaging, appointment scheduling, and a digital health records system.

Using Mobile Phone

Digital ID and OTP (One-Time Password) Token App

Industry: Public Sector & Healthcare.

Challenge: The increasing wave of cyber-attacks and data breaches has exposed weaknesses in conventional username-password authentication methods. There has been an urgent need for a more robust and dependable identity verification approach.

Solution: To address this, we have developed our Digital ID and OTP (One-Time Password) Token App. This cutting-edge solution offers a user-centric identity verification process, guaranteeing authorized access to sensitive data. Moreover, our OTP App heightens the security of user transactions, ensuring a successful and protected experience.

Working on Rooftop

during the covid-19  lockdown 

Industry: Big Four Consulting Firms

Challenge: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our client, a prominent member of the Big Four consulting firms, faced the imperative need to swiftly transition to online training.

Solution: Leveraging our expertise, we successfully delivered comprehensive solutions by designing and developing the entire platform. This encompassed the implementation of a robust Learning Management System (LMS) with efficient user activity tracking capabilities.

Man on Laptop

Self Service Portal 

Industry: Insurance.

Challenge: The client faced a daunting task: to revamp a core business application that was non-functional, and for which the source code was inaccessible. They aimed to improve engagement with existing and prospective customers by providing crucial financial information via web and mobile platforms.

Solution: We developed a self-service portal equipped with information and resources to empower users in resolving their issues. This intuitive platform allows customers to conveniently perform tasks like paying bills, filing claims, and scheduling appointments, all according to their timeline.



Industry: Pharmaceutical

Challenge: The outdated paper-based prescription system posed inefficiencies, prone to errors, misplacement of prescriptions, and incurred high data collection expenses.

Solution: Our team was entrusted to create and deliver cutting-edge mobile applications and web platforms for electronic prescriptions. This innovative solution fosters seamless communication among doctors, pharmacists, and patients, with the added benefit of interconnectivity between all state hospitals and pharmacies.

Data on a Touch Pad

from scratch 

Industry: Mutual Insurance & InsurTech​

Challenge: In face of multiple unsuccessful ERP implementations, a prominent mutual insurance company made the decision to develop a tailored ERP system for their industry. Their objective was to gain complete control over their financial operations and ensure regulatory compliance.


Solution: Our team successfully created an industry-specific ERP solution that can easily adapt to the ever-evolving regulations and seamlessly integrate with a wide range of banking platforms. As a result, the company not only achieved its original objectives but also established a subsidiary to offer this platform across the entire industry.

Diseño sin título (4)_edited.jpg


Industry: Banking Customer Support.

Challenge: Our client faced significant obstacles due to manual procedures, compliance risks, and fragmented customer data.

Solution: We implemented an advanced Customer Data Integration (CDI) system, guaranteeing a streamlined, cohesive, and accurate comprehension of customer relationships. Through our cutting-edge data architecture and integration services, we achieved a remarkable reduction in the time required to integrate a new customer data source, from three months to just three days.

Land Mining

Digital  Transformation 

Industry: Mining Explosives

Challenge: Our main objective was to overcome the deeply rooted conservatism within the mining sector, facilitating the transition from traditional paper-based processes to streamlined digital workflows.

Solution: Through our comprehensive Design Thinking services, we successfully optimized and automated operations. By embracing cutting-edge digital tools and implementing best practices in data management, we achieved substantial enhancements in workflow efficiency and financial control processes for the company.

Shopping Online

Online Banking

Industry: Banking

Challenge: Our goal was to revolutionize Latin American businesses and society by providing accessible financial services. In order to achieve this, we assisted the bank in launching a cutting-edge web portal, modernizing their banking platform, driving innovation, and taking the user experience to the next level.

Solution: With our state-of-the-art banking web platform, we have successfully eliminated outdated technological barriers and seamlessly integrated advanced features. The result is a sophisticated platform that sparks executive creativity and delivers the seamless connectivity that users crave.

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