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Staff Augmentation

Hire 'On-Demand' Experts And Accelerate Your Roadmap With Our Vetted Nearshore Tech Talent.

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How we can help your business grow

Cases when Staff Augmentation offer a significant advantage.

Lack of Specific Expertise

You're working on a new platform but lack developers with the specific knowledge to move your project forward. Moreover, you're facing challenges in finding the right candidates. It's not easy to find individuals with the relevant skills and the right attitude to build your product.

Staffing shortage

Your in-house developer just quit, and now you're behind schedule. With so many commitments and deadlines to meet, you've started exploring ways to quickly hire developers, but it's proving to be complicated. You can't afford to spend so much time on hiring.

New priorities

You've successfully grown your software business over the past few years and are ready to start working on an entirely new product to outpace your competition. But who will keep your current system running smoothly?

Unleash the power of technology

Start building your project today


IT staff augmentation is a service designed to add extra talent to your team on an on-demand basis. This could be anything from 10 engineers joining 10 different teams, to a single developer with niche expertise.

Step 1. Let's Talk

About Your Project Objectives

We analyze your project's objectives and long-term vision. We'll identify the required skills, priorities, and the urgent areas where you need help.

Step 2

Get the developers you need

We will select a group of expert developers perfectly suited to your project's needs. You'll receive carefully evaluated candidates, ensuring that only the most qualified are considered for your project.

Step 3
Integration and Scalability

Experience seamless integration of our top-tier professionals into your organization. As your project grows and evolves, our service flexibly scales to meet new challenges and opportunities, maintaining a high level of responsiveness and efficiency.

Empowering Your Success with InnovativeDev

Latin America's Leading Software Development Company. We exist to be your agile partner for success. Specializing in delivering highly technical projects with precision, we ensure on-time completion within scope. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart, offering superior service at a cost advantage compared to similar innovation hubs in the U.S. and Europe. At InnovativeDev, we align all our services with your business objectives, crafting tailor-made solutions that drive growth and innovation.

Reduce Cost

Fast Time to Market


Revenue Growth

World-Class Software

Let's Talk

We love discussing anything and everything related to tech. So, feel free to reach out to us for any topic you'd like to discuss. The purpose of a free consultation is to help you get started in the right direction, whether it involves documenting your idea, visualizing your concept, reviewing your existing code, mapping out your project roadmap, or assessing feasibility. Let's talk!

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