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Frequently Asked Questions
from Clients

Find out more about our expertise, development process, and how we work.

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Why should I choose InnovativeDEV over others?

InnovativeDEV excels because of our:
• Extensive Experience: Our diverse application development skills span various sectors.
• User-Centric Design: Our efficient, appealing digital platforms are designed with users in mind.
• Agile Development: We respond rapidly to changes, guaranteeing timely delivery of high-quality products.
• Advanced Technologies: We stay updated with recent trends for continuous improvement.
• Detailed Project Management: Our managers ensure accuracy throughout the development process.
• Comprehensive Understanding: Our engineers grasp the larger context, thereby adding extra value.
• Transparency: We emphasize clear communication and furnish detailed time-tracking reports.

How can I start working with InnovativeDEV?

Our procedure includes three stages:
• Exploratory Call: We'll discuss your business, team structure, success metrics, timeline, budget, and necessary skills.
• Solution and Team Structure Discussion: We'll finalize the project specifics, agree on the engagement model, and onboard your team.
• Start and Performance Tracking: After setting milestones, we'll start work, monitor progress, provide updates, and accommodate your needs.

How do you calculate the cost for software development?
Cost estimates depend on the project's scope, required features and functionalities, app platform or framework, and design and development process. We consider project type, specific functionalities, necessary integrations, and development timeframe to provide a detailed cost estimate showing you the breakdown of every resource involved.

I have a unique app idea. How can you assist?
Our team helps you in:
• Conceptualizing: We interpret your idea and strategize an appropriate user experience design.
• Prototyping: We develop a prototype to visualize and evaluate your concept.
• Development: Our team fabricates your app according to your specifications.
• Testing and Launch: We conduct regular tests on the app and assist in launching it on the App Store or Google Play.
• Post-Launch Support: We offer post-development IT assistance.

What types of apps can your team develop?
We're capable of developing native mobile apps, web apps, enterprise apps, e-commerce, EdTech, HealthTech apps, and more. Contact us for any unique concept.

Is my app idea secure with your team?
At InnovativeDEV, we guarantee the security of your idea through non-disclosure agreements, robust data management, comprehensive background checks, and confidential correspondence.

Do you offer software maintenance services?
Yes, we provide software maintenance services encompassing updates, bug resolutions, and basic upkeep to ensure your app operates seamlessly.

Why should I rely on your team for enterprise software and application solutions?
Our team's unparalleled expertise, solid track record, dedicated support, and commitment to transparency make us a reliable partner for enterprise software and application solutions.

Which sectors do you cater to with custom software development services?
We provide services to various sectors, including banking, fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, education, financial services, hospitality, logistics, and transportation.


When can you initiate my service?
We usually kick off projects within a week following contract ratification.

Who retains the rights to the work created by InnovativeDEV's engineers?
You possess all the legal rights to the work developed by our engineers.

Who are your typical clients?
Our client base ranges from small startups to large multinational corporations.

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Quality Assurance

How do we ascertain the quality of our engineers?
Our stringent recruitment process, which includes online exams, multiple interviews, and technical evaluations, ensures we assemble the best team for your project.


What if you decide to stop outsourcing or want to switch to a different provider? 

We're here to assist you with that. We'll facilitate a smooth transition by transferring all the relevant knowledge to your new team, whether they're in-house or outsourced. Our ultimate goal is for you to work with us only as long as it serves your best interests.


Where are InnovativeDEV's engineers based?
Our engineers are primarily based in Latin America and Spain, working remotely to cover US and Central European business hours effectively.


Do your engineers work remotely?
Our engineers have the flexibility to work from various locations, including our offices, their homes, or coworking spaces.



How can I make payments?

We accept payments via ACH, bank transfers, and checks.


What are your payment terms?

We issue invoices on the 1st and 16th of each month, with NET 10 payment terms.

Empowering Your Success with InnovativeDev

Latin America's Leading Software Development Company. We exist to be your agile partner for success. Specializing in delivering highly technical projects with precision, we ensure on-time completion within scope. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart, offering superior service at a cost advantage compared to similar innovation hubs in the U.S. and Europe. At InnovativeDev, we align all our services with your business objectives, crafting tailor-made solutions that drive growth and innovation.

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We love discussing anything and everything tech. So feel free to reach out to us for anything you'd like to discuss. The purpose of a free consultation is to help you get started in the right direction, whether it involves documenting your idea, visualizing your concept, reviewing your existing code, mapping out your project roadmap, or assessing feasibility. Let's Talk!

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